Artist conversation- Nancy Young

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Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As the Crow Flies

Media: paper, ink, transparencies, litho stone, print making

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

Nancy Young is a senior in the BFA Printing program.For this particular exhibit she requested her own room so that she can have more room to display all of her work. The ideas and inspirations behind her work is dealing with personal issues. A big part is her dogs and the loss of her husband a few years ago. All of her work is also original meaning that even all of her pictures were taken  by herself because people tend to get inspiration from the internet and she doesn’t want her work to be similar to others. Nancy doesn’t plan on making a living with her art degree because she sees it simply as a hobby and already has a lifelong career that she enjoys.

Nancy’s work contains a lot of realistic looking crows. I’m not too sure in how printmaking is done but her crows are very realistic and detailed. A lot of her work looks very dark but you could tell they hold a lot of meaning. The colors she used are either very neutral or just black. She uses a lot of different print making media and you are able to tell upon viewing her work.

Nancy’s inspiration’s for this gallery were loss and grief. It was clear that she put a lot of emotion into her work. I thought it was pretty cool how she opened up to us and shared a little bit about her life and how art really helped her cope with certain things. I also really look up to her for going for something she loved not because it would benefit her but because she loved it so much.

Nancy’s art was something I really enjoyed. I love how she was so passionate about her work and how she really took the time to create sort of a little presentation explaining what kind of art she does and all the different ways one can go about with the media. She inspires me to go ahead and study something I am really passionate about just as she did with art though she did not think to make a career with it.



Classmate conversation-Alanna Godinez

 Alanna Godinez is   a freshman majoring in psychology. When she grows up she sees herself having a career  somewhere in the lines of being a therapist or a psychologist. A big thing she believes in is that everyone has a voice and it is important for everyones to be heard and how they feel is just as important. She currently works at a movie theater. She is nineteen years old and her favorite color is blue. She was born and raised in Norwalk. On her free time she enjoys to eat, sleep, hangout with her friends and her brothers. She also has a cat that she considers family. One of her favorite things to do is create art even though she feels like she sucks. It brings out the creative side of her.

Wk.13- Artist Conversation- Nick Bamford 

Artist: Nick Bamford
Exhibition: no name
Media: Mixed Media
Gallery: Gatov East
Website: None
Instagram: @NickBam4d

This week I had the chance to meet Nick Bamford. Nick is s senior at CSULB currently in the undergrad BFA ceramics program. He chose to move forward with this program because all his life he has likes arts better than all other subjects. In hight school he took a ceramics class and later he decided that it was what he likes best. His ideas explore taking things out of their context and giving them a new meaning. For this particular exhibit he used blacklight in  his theme because e wanted to change things up a little. Nick’s all time favorite artist is Picasso.

In this particular exhibit, Nick’s art revolves around a black light. The black light gives it a dark yet colorful finish. The room just glows as one walks in and immediately I wanted to run to all the sculptures. Most of the sculptures have spiky tops rather than being rounded. It’s hard to tell if one is not up close but it is made up of objects one uses in an everyday life.

Nick spoke about wanting to take the initial purpose of an object and give it a new meaning. He does this by putting things one normally would not find in a sculpture such as a toy. I think he did a great job at making this a little personal by adding a bunch of objects that here important to him.

I know I said this about all the other exhibits but I think That Nick’S art caught my eye because this is nothing like what I have seen before. I have to admit at first I did not know what I was looking at because it was so random. Later I discovered that the objects used were of a sentimental value to Nick.



Wk. 13- Classmate Conversation- Bianca Dominguez  

  This week I met my classmate Bianca Dominguez. Bianca is a freshman here at CSULB who is currently undeclared but is eventually planning on going into pre nursing. She chose pre nursing because she likes to help people and she finds the medical field extremely interesting. Her older sister inspired her because she works as a surgery recovery technician. As a surgery recovery technician she collects organs to be donated to the patients in need. Bianca has they pet poodle dogs names Romeo and Lola who she loves spending time with. On her free time she loves to go out to new places with her friends and family, watches YouTube, and enjoys catching up on sleep. She’s a people person and loves to make new friends. Bianca chose to take this class for a required GE but she also finds art very interesting. Her favorite food is chicken tenders and don’t forget the side of ranch! 

Wk. 13- Art Care Package 

   This is my very first time ever sending ephemera to anyone. I’m the type of person that likes to go out a lot and visit new places. My art care package consisted souvenirs, pins, movie tickets, amusement park tickets, recipes to my favorite stores, a little bit of art, and other nooks and crannies. Sending a care package is much like sending a snapchat because just as you can send memories and moments with people through an app you can do so as well in a package. On the other hand, they are also different because on snapchat you can only send something that is happening in the moment and with a care package you could send memories of things that happened years ago. I personally think ephemera is precious because I am a memory holder myself. I have ticket stubs up to 5 years old and to me it’s as valuable as an expensive piece of jewlary. If my children were to get a hold of my ephemera they’d probably think I had a cool life because I feel like I need to keep experiencing new things since we are only given one life. Art sent through care packages differ to art seen in museums in a sense that care package art is pretty private and personal while museum art is meant to be seen and is public. I feel like receiving mail is always so heartwarming and had more meaning than receiving an online message or snapchat. I’m not sure how to exactly answer the last question but I would say that sending ephemera is more meaningful and requires more art then sending a snap. 

Wk.12- Artist Conversation-Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen
Exhibition: Succession
Media: Digital Printmaking/ Painting
Gallery: Gatov West
Website: no website
Instagram: no instagram

This week I had a chance to meet Jennifer Chen. Jennifer is an undergrad Biology student who decided she wanted to pursue a degree in Master of Fine Arts. She likes to allow herself to grow in different ways and that is why she switched her major to something that allows her to work on different ideas. When creating art, she specializes in print and digital making. Her work explored disturbance in landscape.

Jennifer’s work looks very realistic while having a little abstract twist to it. Most of the colors are typically neutral then a pop of color is added. A thing I noticed that she likes to incorporate are trees but other than the trees her work contains a lot of lines. There also seems to be movement going on in her work.

As a former science major, I believe that Jennifer is trying to incorporate some sort of science into her work. In our previous conversation she mentioned that her work explores disturbance in landscapes. With science you learn about all these disturbances with earthquakes, global warming, weather changes, and other natural disasters.

Jennifer Chen’s work is pretty amazing and unique out of all digital prints I have seen so far. Her work is definitely something I would love to have hanged up on my wall. In my opinion she used her resources very well and did a great job in incorporating science as an art.



Wk.12-Art Experience-Location Based Gaming

This week I was able to learn about Geocatching. This activity was definitely an interesting one that I see myself doing outside of class when I don’t have any plans or if I’m bored and feel like going out. Geocatching reminded me a lot of a sort of scavenger hunt. Except unlike a scavenger hunt, with Geocatching you don’t know what you’re looking for. Once I downloaded the app I was surprised to see how many people used it. There was a ton of bubbles showing all the locations of where there were placed on a map near me. The first one I tried to find was on campus and the GPS was hard to read so a classmate and I decided we would try on our own off campus to see if it would be easier. The second one, which was closer to home, was even harder to find because there was a bridge and a park under it so it was hard to tell how to get to it. After trying to solve the riddle and being unsuccessful with it, we decided to to try one last time. The third time we came across a very simple area that basically gave where the box was away but after trying to find it I was not able to find the Geocatch. I learned that you won’t be able to find the catch always but the fun is going on little adventures trying to find them. I created my own little Geocatch by inserting random items I found on my desk. I later placed in in the small neighborhood park right next to my house!

Awk.12- Classmate Conversation- Katherine Pantoja

 This week I met my classmate Katherine Pantoja. Katherine is a freshman undeclared major but is leaning towards creative writing. With creative writing, she wants to become a better writer and eventually write books. She was born and raised in South Gate, California. Her favorite subject is college so far has been sociology. On her free time she enjoys reading and watching movies. Although she listens to all kinds of music her favorite is alternative rock. One of her secret passions is doing hair and she has dyed hers too man times to count. Her favorite all time childhood movie is The Little Mermaid and she could watch it over and over again. Katherine has two dogs, a Terri mix and a Border Collie mix. In ten years from now she sees herself traveling. The place she has mostly wanted to visit is Europe because she really wants to be exposed to a different culture. Katherine chose to take Art 110 not only because it was a required GE course but she was curious about art in media.

Wk.11 Turning Pages


This week for our art experience it was literally more of an experience than the creation of art. As a class we went to our school library to do what was initially expected in a library. Before we spoke about this I realized that I had not noticed what has happened to our library. In elementary school and middle school we had what was actually a library: a place where books are stored, read, and checked out. When it came to high school, our library was referred to as “the media center”. There weren’t as many books, there were way more computers, it was often used as a meeting room, an art gallery, or a place that held events. Now in the CSULB library there is a Starbucks, there are hundreds of computers, there are several stories where students can study, but there are not nearly as many books. I feel as though as the years pass, the definition of a library is fading. I realized more of this when we went to our library to actually read. People were staring at us as if we were doing something wrong and at some point it felt as if we were about to get kicked out. I really believe that in a few more years libraries will have completely lost their meaning.

Wk.10-Artist Conversation-

Artist: Helen Werner CoxExhibition: Silent Screams

Media: Woodcarving, Oil Paint, Pastel, Monoprints, Water based Materials

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West


Instagram: None

     This week I had a chance to meet Helen Warner Cox. Helen is a graduate student formally in the BFA drawing and painting program. She developed her skills by using a sketchbook to draw out her ideas. Her sketchbook also helped her express herself. Helen grew up in New York but moved to Boston when she was 18. A few years later she moved to California and has lived here ever since. She was a teacher and worked on schools for thirty years. On her free time Helen likes to work on her garden and read books. She feels like watching T.V. is a waste of time so she doesn’t watch it. Her work is heavenly influenced by carousels and carousel horses, the one in Griffith Park to be exact. 

Helen used several types of media on her project including pastels, prints, oil paint, and even MFA. Her work ranges from realistic to animated to sketches. The big blue drawing was the one that most captured my eye and the one that she did while the carousel was spinning. She captured the movement well by the type of strokes she uses. Instead of shading, she used more of line movements to create your drawings. The yellow one was the drawing where she only used pastel as the media and this was the one that took the longest to finish as well. 

Helen describes carousels as a way of life. She said that people live their lives on a carousel. She explained that people grow, they make mistakes, and the carousel keeps spinning. Life goes on. She thought of this to be a great inspiration to her work and a great way to express her ideas. In her journey she has realized that how much she actually enjoys carousels and for a while she tried to find the perfect one and found it when she was introduced to the Griffith Park carousel. 

Helen’s work was definately an interesting one. I loved how she has stuck with the same inspirations since she began to create art. I also love how she is able to use so many different medias in her work.