Wk. 6: Photowalk

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For this week’s photowalk, I decided to join Crysta Tim’s group. In her group we basically walked through the little shopping center infront of the bookstore, then into the USU building where people hang out, and ended our walk at the famous water fountain in front of Brotman Hall. The experience was nice though I think it would have been a better activity to do in the begining of the semester that way it would have been easier to meet new people. While taking my photos, there was not really anything that I was specifically trying to focus on. What I kept thinking to myself is “wow we have a beautiful campus”. There is just so much to do and it is such a beautiful scenery. I’m glad I get to be here everyday. There is not really anything that could have made this walk better because I really enjoyed it.


wk3- Artist Conversation- Andre Ritter

Artist: Andre Ritter

Exhibition: Fuse: Join to Form; Single Energy

Media: Aluminum, Steel, Metal

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery 

Website: Artist does not have a website

Instagram: Artist does not have an instagram

This week I had the pleasure in meeting Andre Ritter. Andre is a graduate student and took part in the BFA Metals Program. He was always interested in jewelry since he was young and often would break up the pieces and make his own jewelry out of the parts he collected. This is when he realized he was into making things with metals. It wasn’t till four years ago when he began to get serious about it. His work in the gallery is influenced by exotic islands.

Andre’s work immediately caught my eye because it was so cool how things like what he made are usually done by machine but for him it was all manmade. For his media he used metals and aluminum. His art is also 3D. While two out of the three have straight lines and pointy edges, the third one is more rounded as well as the metals on it being round. Also the one that appears to be some sort of headpiece is colorful and stands put compare to the others being neutral warm browns.

When Andre was explaining his artwork, he explained that his inspiration was mysterious islands and exploring tiki abstract locations. I did not really understand what he meant by this until I put some more thought into it. He explained that he lived in Hawaii and that was a big part of his life. This was probably home to him and creating pieces that remind him of home give a lot of meaning to his work. He also explained that the reason he wanted to work with metals is because they are more sturdy and permanent and last way longer than paintings.

I think it’s super cool that Andre is able to work well with metals. I remember as a kid I had braceletes and necklaces that would just break if a chain fell off and I wanted nothing more than to be able to fix them myself. What Andre does is far better than fixing jewlry. He creates art. Also the comment he said about metal lasting longer than paintings makes a lot of sense to me because canvasas and paper and so hard topreserve and take care of from my personal experience. Some day I would really like to experience with metals.

wk 5- Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure

For week 5 I chose to do Cuisine because I thought it would be fun to experience something with my students since I am a cooking coach at a middle school. I wanted to make something that I liked, something that I was curious about, and something that I have never attempted to make before. So, my kids and I decided we would attempt to make Wontons in honor of Chinese New Year earlier this month. The process was so fun and the outcome was delicious. The ingredients we used were wonton/eggroll paper, egg was, cream cheese, sugar, and grated onion. The only problem we had with the wontons is that once you achieved the wonton look with the egg wash, it would usually unwrap itself while being deep fried. Other than that this recipe was so simple and my kids and I enjoyed the results. Also it is very important to not over stuff them. We topped them off with a sweet and sour dip. The next day I made Wontons at my house with an avocado twist. Also since I used an actual stove and cooked them one by one it was so much easier to to keep the wonton form. Patience is the key to to this recipe!

wk 5 Classmate Conversation – Symone Pallett


This week I had a chance to meet my classmate Symone Pallett. Symone is a first year speech pathology major. She chose speech pathology because she wants to help people with speaking issues. Working at a mental health facility as a receptionist has influenced her career goals because there she gets to interact with people who have speaking disabilities. Whenever she has free time, she likes to spend it with her friends and dogs. Symone is a very friendly person and I could tell this just by first meeting her. One of her main hobbies is cooking and her favorite thing to cook is what her and her family calls “spider cookies”. They are made with asian dried noodles covered with hazelnut chocolate and the finishing look is a wafer type of cookie. This is a family recipe that she has followed since she began to cook.

Wk 4– Artist Conversation – Samuel Jernigan

Artist: Samuel Jernigan
Exhibition: Weight of Whimsey and Ideals
Media: Ceramics, Sculptures, Paint
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: cargocollective.com/samueljernigan
Instagram: @samueljenri

This week I had the pleasure in meeting Samuel Jernigan. He has been working with ceramics on and off for fifteen years since 2000. He is a graduate student in the BFA ceramics department.  Samuel decided he wanted to get into ceramics because he had experience working with it in a work project. Since he was good at it, he decided to continue with it at school. His work explored the idea of awkward feelings.

In Samuel’s work I see a lot of sculptures that represent childhood. He did both realistic and unrealistic media such as parts of a bicycle and the colorful happy fish. A lot of the sculptures done by Samuel remind me or something that would be in a Dr. Seuss book. Not all of his art had color but the ones that were had bright colors. The only things that were glazed were a few shovels. Also, a lot of his art looks unfinished but as if it was purposely made to look like this.

When it came to trying to connect Samuel’s sculptures to his ideas, I had trouble doing so. I did not quite understand how the sculptures had a connections with awkward feelings. He mentioned how he wanted to portray toys that were abandoned in a flee market. I think what he meant by that was that he wanted his work to represent an uncomfortable time in one’s life and he was using toys to represent that. Also, Samuel mentioned that he wanted to portray that us, as humans, are mortal. Again, he probably used the abandoned toys represent something that is not.

The idea of sculptures being a part of art intrigues me because in high school drawing and painting was a big part of my life and I have never experienced art with ceramics or other media. However, I have seen videos and sculptures that my friends have done using ceramics but never this big. In a way I do understand why kid’s toys could be portrayed as art because for some people childhood was a really awkward time in their lives.



Wk 4-Graffiti Painting

This week I did something I have been dying to experience since I was a child. I have always wanted to make art using spray paint, and let me tell you, it was so fun!! For my canvas I used a part of a bookshelf that was thrown out by my in laws which was built into their wall in the process of remodeling their living room. I totally forgot to take a picture of myself next to this when finished. When I read that it was required it was too late because the trash had taken my art in the morning. I got a little too carried away also when I spray painted my bed board gold because I was obsessed with the color. I think I would like to experience with spray paint in the future even though it was a little hard to use. The videos I saw made it look so easy but maybe it was just the paint I was using. For my second picture, the gif, I used the app PHHHOTO to create it.

Wk4 – Artist Conversation –

IMG_0278This week I met Valentina Ramirez. Valentina is a fifth year student graduating this semester actually (yay for her)! She studied sociology with two minors: child development and family studies (double yay!!). She is happily married at the age of 22 and her hobbies include mixed martial arts. This includes kickboxing and jiu-jitsu. She began kick boxing at the age of 12 up until her senior year of high school. Unfortunately, she hurt her knee and had to take a year and a half off but now she is continuing to do what she loves. In ten years Valentina sees herself in the law enforcement, still married, with four dogs (great danes and her two current huskies to be exact).  https://ramirezelorzaartwordpresscom.wordpress.com/

Wk 3-Art Experience-Snapchat

I feel like we are at the very age in life where Instagram is the new Facebook. If you really think about it people use snapchat and post every little thing they do on their story for their friends to see. It is very convenient as well because it’s all about the images and not everything has to be posted on ones story for everyone to see but can be sent individually. The only downside to snapchat is that there is a limited word count text box and most of the time what I want to write does not fit.

The two first snaps are mine. In the first one I was at Disneyland on California Screamin’ and I came out so serious in the photo I had to add a funny caption. In  the second one, we took my little sister out for her birthday dinner to this very weird restaurant and I was nearly scared to death when I saw this table so I had to take a picture and add a little illustration. The next two are Leah Perez’s. I met Leah the day of the classmate conversations and we exchanged snapchats. Little did I know her snaps would be so funny and relatable!!

wk3- Artist Conversation- Josh Vasquez

Artist: Josh Vasquez

Exhibition: Vida/ Morte

Media: mixed-media, roses, plastic bags, black paint (spray paint), canvas, rosin paper, sharpies

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: joshvasquez.com

Instagram: @joshybehr

Josh Vasquez is an undergraduate student at CSULB from Downtown Los Angeles. He is third year enrolled in the program BFA Drawing and Painting. His interests are painting and watching television. During the exhibit he explained that he was passionate about art and it was something he did ever since he was a child though did not get really into it until two years ago. His work explores the ideas of life and death. 

Looking at Josh Vazquez’s work, I was pretty fascinated. I have never in my life seen artwork created on a see-through plastic material. Also it was really intruiging how on some drawings I could not really tell what it was. Some appeared to be random non objective sketches that appeared to be layered on top on one another. Then there were others that were obvious skulls. The media that was used was monochromatic because everything was basically lack but different hues of it. There was also equal positive and negative space throughout most of his paintings. While there was a lot of curve in the images, I recognized straight lines as well. The center piece, which was probably my favorite, has no straight lines and I would say it could pass as a sculpture because it looks very fragile and delicate to move. 

After asking Josh what inspires his work, it was obvious that he was inspired by life and death not only because he said so, but also because of the sculls and the live roses portrayed in his work. While sone flowers seemed very much alive, others looked lifeless. 

I really loved Josh Vasquez’s work in particular out of all the galleries I saw today. If I was able to make art this would be my style. I love how random some of the things on his drawings had and the roses. Walking in to his gallery and smelling all of them made my heart warm. I really liked the theme of the whole room and specifically how everything seemed so dark and mysterious. There was actually an artist that came to mind when it came to comparing this work though I can’t quite remember the name of the artist. I thought he  did a great job at portraying life with the roses and death with the skills and dark paint. Altogether, Josh’s work was very beautiful and unique. 

Classmate Conversation – Leah Perez

This week I met IMG_0159Leah Perez. Leah is a third year student at CSULB studying Child Development but is still unsure if she will stick to it. Her dream job is to be a high paying nurse who works with kids. Her hobbies are going to the beach and playing basketball, which she did all throughout high school. Leah also spends a majority of her spare time in the Pacific Islanders club where she met many friends. Actually, a lot of her time is spent with her friends and family. If she had three wishes they would be: 1. to be rich. 2. world peace and no third wish came to mind. Though she doesn’t play any instruments, music is her passion. It keeps her going and it can change her mood completely! In ten years Leah sees herself graduated, being successful, and living by the beach.