Wk 3-Art Experience-Snapchat

I feel like we are at the very age in life where Instagram is the new Facebook. If you really think about it people use snapchat and post every little thing they do on their story for their friends to see. It is very convenient as well because it’s all about the images and not everything has to be posted on ones story for everyone to see but can be sent individually. The only downside to snapchat is that there is a limited word count text box and most of the time what I want to write does not fit.

The two first snaps are mine. In the first one I was at Disneyland on California Screamin’ and I came out so serious in the photo I had to add a funny caption. In  the second one, we took my little sister out for her birthday dinner to this very weird restaurant and I was nearly scared to death when I saw this table so I had to take a picture and add a little illustration. The next two are Leah Perez’s. I met Leah the day of the classmate conversations and we exchanged snapchats. Little did I know her snaps would be so funny and relatable!!


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