wk3- Artist Conversation- Josh Vasquez

Artist: Josh Vasquez

Exhibition: Vida/ Morte

Media: mixed-media, roses, plastic bags, black paint (spray paint), canvas, rosin paper, sharpies

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: joshvasquez.com

Instagram: @joshybehr

Josh Vasquez is an undergraduate student at CSULB from Downtown Los Angeles. He is third year enrolled in the program BFA Drawing and Painting. His interests are painting and watching television. During the exhibit he explained that he was passionate about art and it was something he did ever since he was a child though did not get really into it until two years ago. His work explores the ideas of life and death. 

Looking at Josh Vazquez’s work, I was pretty fascinated. I have never in my life seen artwork created on a see-through plastic material. Also it was really intruiging how on some drawings I could not really tell what it was. Some appeared to be random non objective sketches that appeared to be layered on top on one another. Then there were others that were obvious skulls. The media that was used was monochromatic because everything was basically lack but different hues of it. There was also equal positive and negative space throughout most of his paintings. While there was a lot of curve in the images, I recognized straight lines as well. The center piece, which was probably my favorite, has no straight lines and I would say it could pass as a sculpture because it looks very fragile and delicate to move. 

After asking Josh what inspires his work, it was obvious that he was inspired by life and death not only because he said so, but also because of the sculls and the live roses portrayed in his work. While sone flowers seemed very much alive, others looked lifeless. 

I really loved Josh Vasquez’s work in particular out of all the galleries I saw today. If I was able to make art this would be my style. I love how random some of the things on his drawings had and the roses. Walking in to his gallery and smelling all of them made my heart warm. I really liked the theme of the whole room and specifically how everything seemed so dark and mysterious. There was actually an artist that came to mind when it came to comparing this work though I can’t quite remember the name of the artist. I thought he  did a great job at portraying life with the roses and death with the skills and dark paint. Altogether, Josh’s work was very beautiful and unique. 


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