Wk 4– Artist Conversation – Samuel Jernigan

Artist: Samuel Jernigan
Exhibition: Weight of Whimsey and Ideals
Media: Ceramics, Sculptures, Paint
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: cargocollective.com/samueljernigan
Instagram: @samueljenri

This week I had the pleasure in meeting Samuel Jernigan. He has been working with ceramics on and off for fifteen years since 2000. He is a graduate student in the BFA ceramics department.  Samuel decided he wanted to get into ceramics because he had experience working with it in a work project. Since he was good at it, he decided to continue with it at school. His work explored the idea of awkward feelings.

In Samuel’s work I see a lot of sculptures that represent childhood. He did both realistic and unrealistic media such as parts of a bicycle and the colorful happy fish. A lot of the sculptures done by Samuel remind me or something that would be in a Dr. Seuss book. Not all of his art had color but the ones that were had bright colors. The only things that were glazed were a few shovels. Also, a lot of his art looks unfinished but as if it was purposely made to look like this.

When it came to trying to connect Samuel’s sculptures to his ideas, I had trouble doing so. I did not quite understand how the sculptures had a connections with awkward feelings. He mentioned how he wanted to portray toys that were abandoned in a flee market. I think what he meant by that was that he wanted his work to represent an uncomfortable time in one’s life and he was using toys to represent that. Also, Samuel mentioned that he wanted to portray that us, as humans, are mortal. Again, he probably used the abandoned toys represent something that is not.

The idea of sculptures being a part of art intrigues me because in high school drawing and painting was a big part of my life and I have never experienced art with ceramics or other media. However, I have seen videos and sculptures that my friends have done using ceramics but never this big. In a way I do understand why kid’s toys could be portrayed as art because for some people childhood was a really awkward time in their lives.




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