wk 5- Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure

For week 5 I chose to do Cuisine because I thought it would be fun to experience something with my students since I am a cooking coach at a middle school. I wanted to make something that I liked, something that I was curious about, and something that I have never attempted to make before. So, my kids and I decided we would attempt to make Wontons in honor of Chinese New Year earlier this month. The process was so fun and the outcome was delicious. The ingredients we used were wonton/eggroll paper, egg was, cream cheese, sugar, and grated onion. The only problem we had with the wontons is that once you achieved the wonton look with the egg wash, it would usually unwrap itself while being deep fried. Other than that this recipe was so simple and my kids and I enjoyed the results. Also it is very important to not over stuff them. We topped them off with a sweet and sour dip. The next day I made Wontons at my house with an avocado twist. Also since I used an actual stove and cooked them one by one it was so much easier to to keep the wonton form. Patience is the key to to this recipe!


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