Wk.10-Artist Conversation-

Artist: Helen Werner CoxExhibition: Silent Screams

Media: Woodcarving, Oil Paint, Pastel, Monoprints, Water based Materials

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://www.helenwernercox.com/

Instagram: None

     This week I had a chance to meet Helen Warner Cox. Helen is a graduate student formally in the BFA drawing and painting program. She developed her skills by using a sketchbook to draw out her ideas. Her sketchbook also helped her express herself. Helen grew up in New York but moved to Boston when she was 18. A few years later she moved to California and has lived here ever since. She was a teacher and worked on schools for thirty years. On her free time Helen likes to work on her garden and read books. She feels like watching T.V. is a waste of time so she doesn’t watch it. Her work is heavenly influenced by carousels and carousel horses, the one in Griffith Park to be exact. 

Helen used several types of media on her project including pastels, prints, oil paint, and even MFA. Her work ranges from realistic to animated to sketches. The big blue drawing was the one that most captured my eye and the one that she did while the carousel was spinning. She captured the movement well by the type of strokes she uses. Instead of shading, she used more of line movements to create your drawings. The yellow one was the drawing where she only used pastel as the media and this was the one that took the longest to finish as well. 

Helen describes carousels as a way of life. She said that people live their lives on a carousel. She explained that people grow, they make mistakes, and the carousel keeps spinning. Life goes on. She thought of this to be a great inspiration to her work and a great way to express her ideas. In her journey she has realized that how much she actually enjoys carousels and for a while she tried to find the perfect one and found it when she was introduced to the Griffith Park carousel. 

Helen’s work was definately an interesting one. I loved how she has stuck with the same inspirations since she began to create art. I also love how she is able to use so many different medias in her work. 


Wk.10-Artist Conversation- Xiomara Brenes 

This week I met my classmate Xiomara Brenes. Xiomara is a sophomore nutrition major from Bellflower, California. There she attended Paramount high school. She is taking this class as a GE requirement but enjoys it so far. In ten years she sees herself owning her own dental office because after graduating CSULB she is planning on attending dental school to start her dental career. Her hobbies are shopping and playing with her hair and makeup. She has two pets: a dog named Oli and a parrot named Rocky. Her two favorite colors are lilac and peach. She also really loves music and her favorite kinds are indie, rock, reggae, and alternative. On her free time she likes to visit museums, wildlife, and national parks.  

WK.10- Instagram 

    This week we took art110 to another level and all as a class posted pictures on Instagram. While it was really weird to post four in one day, since I do usually post about only about twice a month, it really hard trying to figure out what I was going to post. With my last two posts I did not have anything else to add so they were actually pictures I took in the same week but not the same day. A lot of people posted random things that they encounter on a daily bases such as the gym, the food they eat, the friends they hang out with, their pets, and other things.  With us (as a class) having a few things in common, such as being adult college students, based on our pictures we are a community. I feel like we’re all in some way trapped between school, work, and responsibilities but at the same time we just want to lay back and enjoy our lives. 

Wk. 9- Classmate Conversation- Maison Chiu


This week I got to meet my classmate, Maison Chiu. She is also from Long Beach as am I but she attended Millikan High School instead. Maison is a first year business marketing major here at CSULB. With this major she hopes to get into advertising or wherever her career takes her.  Her hobbies are drawing and painting, which she took in high school, meeting new people and discovering and listening to new music. Ironically, she took this class because she thought it would be more hands on with art but she was surprised that it had to do more with media. Still, she very much enjoys this class. If Maison had three wishes she would wishes for more wishes and she would save them for when she really needed them. In ten years she sees herself happy and successful in her career.

Wk.9- Artist Conversation- Sean Joy Cabanig

Artist: Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig
Exhibition: All Work All Play
Media: Copper and Silver Metals
Gallery: Marily Gerby West
Website: None
Instagram: None

This week I had the chance to meet Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig. Sean is a fifth year senior in the BFA Metals department here in CSULB school of art. When she first came to CSULB she was actually majoring in creative writing but then later changed her mind. Her hobbies are reading, keeping active, experimenting with more media, and spending time with her cats. On her free time she likes to paint. Her work is inspired by emotions, the environment, and the freedom of having random thoughts.

Sean’s work is very realistic and includes a lot of what seems to be actual wearable jewelry. Most of her work is brown, while all of them are made of different metals that are more on the matte side rather than looking shiny. The have a lot of detail and look very fragile. Most of what I saw were necklaces and rings. Her work was very pretty and looks like something I would like to wear.

When Sean said that her emotions and the environment were big inspirations in her work, it was easy to tell that the type of work she did depended of the mood and current situation she was in. She explained that every piece varies in the time it took to finish. While some of them were done in hours some of them took a day and even weeks to make.

All together Sean’s art was very beautiful. I loved the delicateness of her pieces. I can only imagine how much time was spent of each and every one of them. I love how in her exhibit she provided note cards where people could leave feedback because that goes to show that she is interested in what people think of her work. I don’t know how to explain it very well but inside Sean’s exhibit I could feel just good vibes and I had a real good feeling about her art.

Sally Snowflake

eFullSizeRender-2Greetings creatures of 2046. My name is Sally Snowflake and I am a superhero here at Moonbase Alpha. My mission here is to freeze all villains so we can make our planet crime free. I was born with my heroic abilities but always kept them a secret because I did not want to be seen as a weirdo or a science experiment. Crime did not always exist here at Moonbase Alpha but when it did come forth, I knew I had to reveal my true self for the safety of our civilians. Little did I know there were more superheroes like me. Together we devote our services to our planet to preserve it and keep it at peace.

Meet my wizard super hero friend: Toma

My arch nemesis: Valentina

My favorite Youtuber: Rocko

Wk 8- Artist Conversation-Almira M. Nikravesh

Artist: Almira M. Nikravesh

Exhibition: Farsh

Media: Cement plaster, MDF, Hydrocal

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: Artist does not have a website

Instagram: @almiranikrabesh

This week I had the pleasure in meeting Amira Nikrabesh. Amira is a senior in the Sculpture BFA program.She decided to become an art major because she likes to feel free and she has more choices. With art she does not feel restricted with materials. Amira feels most comfortable with sculpting because she can work with anything she wants pretty much and this is what inspired her with this particular sculpture. The inspiration behind her art is her life growing up and her culture.

Amira had two main focuses on her sculpture: the feet, and the carpet. All the feet are made out of the same mold and are made of white-greyish cement plaster. They are identical and all aligned perfectly surrounding what seemed to be the main focus of the sculpture. The main focus was the centered tan colored rug. It looked hard as if it was made out of a different type of cement or clay. The rug itself was detailed all around. It seems as if one were to step on the carpet barefoot, it would really hurt.

Walking into this exhibit I immediately had so many questions. I wondered why there was so many feet and what they symbolized and what was the idea behind the centered carpet. Amira explained that a big inspiration to her work was her culture and they way she was brought up. She also explained about how certain things such as a silk rug were a great symbol of her culture and I believe the rug she created was symbolizing one like one from her childhood. Amira explained that the feet were there in relation to the carpet. In other words the feet were placed in a certain way the symbolize the importance of the carpet and how it was the center of the attention as all feet were facing it.

I think it was very creative that Amira was able to come up with one very important thing that summed up her culture and the way she was brought up . This was very unique to my eyes as I have never seen anything portrayed like this. I think that if I were to sum up something and make a sculpture about something that symbolized my life it would be in relation to education because my mom would remind us everyday how important it was to us. Overall, I was very impressed with how meaningful Amira’s sculpture was.


Wk. 8- Classmate Conversation- Adilene Leon

image1This week I met Adilene Leon. Adilene is a first year student who is undeclared and has no idea what she wants to do in the future. She is from Huntington Beach though her family is originally from Pachucha, Hidalgo. Her hobbies consist of kayaking, sailing, canoeing, swimming (just about anything that has to do with water), cooking, and dancing. Her favorite type of music to dance to is Banda and Cumbias. Right now she is working a part time job and has worker ever since the age of thirteen. Hey favorite artist is Jcole. If she could change anything about herself it would be to stop procrastination from taking over her life and to read more because although she does not like to, she wishes she did. Adilene’s life goal is to travel the world because till this day she has never been outside of California.

Wk 8- Automatic Drawing

This week I attempted an automatic drawing with my boyfriend. I have to admit that I didn’t know what I was getting myself into before doing this for the first time. At first the pencil was not moving at all and we were just sitting there thinking this was some sort of prank. A minute later things got really weird and we both burst out laughing and that is when the pencil began to move. I have to admit at some point I was like, “hey I know you’re moving it just because you want to get this over with already” but then I realized that was not the case. It also kind of reminded me of something that would happen while playing the ouija and that kind of freaked me out a little. I just kept asking myself what was happening and what really was it that was making the pencil moved by itself. Eventually out arms began to give out and we became tired so we stopped. It was then when I came to the conclusion that maybe the reason the pencil was moving is because out arms were giving out. Overall our drawing came out much like what I expected it.

Wk. 7 Artist Conversation-

Artist: Andrea Lauren Williams

Exhibition: Final Sacrifice,Womanhood, Religion

Media: Ceramics, Cement, Rock Clay, Mason stain

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://mrsdubbayoo.weebly.com/

Instagram: @andreawilliammms

This week I had the pleasure in meeting Andrea Lauren Williams. Andrea is currently an undergraduate student in the BA ceramics department. Art has been a big part of her life in regards to her family introducing it to her at a young age. It was her husband who pushed her to pursue an education in art. She is a mother of a todler and has another child on the way. Andrea is also an animal lover who owns dogs, a chicken, and other animals. Her inspirations are not just religion, as she is very fond of it, but also motherhood and fenemity.

Andrea’s art is made out of ceramic, cement, and clay. Her mural looking sculptures are very bumpy but look as if this was done on purpose. There is not much color within her art but the little color shown is used with warm tones. Her drawings look like unfinshed sketches that are done neatly. Also all of her sculptures seem to contain white and grey in them. The murals are pretty live sized and remind me of something you can find at a church.

I believe that in Andrea’s art she is trying to portray the woman body. When I first saw these sculptures the first thing that popped into my head was motherhood. Mind you this was before I had the chance to meet her. Once I heard she was a mother this all made sense to me. I think motherhood is really important to Andrea because she is a mother of two. Mother hood is a big part of her life by what she explained. I think she did a very good job doing so.

Overall, I really enjoyed Andrea William’s art. I thought that it was very unique to any art I have seen. Also the fact that it was human size made it more appealing to my eyes. I like that fact that this type of work was so easy to read. Andrea’s art is for sure one I would love to see more of.