Wk 8- Automatic Drawing

This week I attempted an automatic drawing with my boyfriend. I have to admit that I didn’t know what I was getting myself into before doing this for the first time. At first the pencil was not moving at all and we were just sitting there thinking this was some sort of prank. A minute later things got really weird and we both burst out laughing and that is when the pencil began to move. I have to admit at some point I was like, “hey I know you’re moving it just because you want to get this over with already” but then I realized that was not the case. It also kind of reminded me of something that would happen while playing the ouija and that kind of freaked me out a little. I just kept asking myself what was happening and what really was it that was making the pencil moved by itself. Eventually out arms began to give out and we became tired so we stopped. It was then when I came to the conclusion that maybe the reason the pencil was moving is because out arms were giving out. Overall our drawing came out much like what I expected it.


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