Wk. 8- Classmate Conversation- Adilene Leon

image1This week I met Adilene Leon. Adilene is a first year student who is undeclared and has no idea what she wants to do in the future. She is from Huntington Beach though her family is originally from Pachucha, Hidalgo. Her hobbies consist of kayaking, sailing, canoeing, swimming (just about anything that has to do with water), cooking, and dancing. Her favorite type of music to dance to is Banda and Cumbias. Right now she is working a part time job and has worker ever since the age of thirteen. Hey favorite artist is Jcole. If she could change anything about herself it would be to stop procrastination from taking over her life and to read more because although she does not like to, she wishes she did. Adilene’s life goal is to travel the world because till this day she has never been outside of California.


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