Wk.10-Artist Conversation-

Artist: Helen Werner CoxExhibition: Silent Screams

Media: Woodcarving, Oil Paint, Pastel, Monoprints, Water based Materials

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://www.helenwernercox.com/

Instagram: None

     This week I had a chance to meet Helen Warner Cox. Helen is a graduate student formally in the BFA drawing and painting program. She developed her skills by using a sketchbook to draw out her ideas. Her sketchbook also helped her express herself. Helen grew up in New York but moved to Boston when she was 18. A few years later she moved to California and has lived here ever since. She was a teacher and worked on schools for thirty years. On her free time Helen likes to work on her garden and read books. She feels like watching T.V. is a waste of time so she doesn’t watch it. Her work is heavenly influenced by carousels and carousel horses, the one in Griffith Park to be exact. 

Helen used several types of media on her project including pastels, prints, oil paint, and even MFA. Her work ranges from realistic to animated to sketches. The big blue drawing was the one that most captured my eye and the one that she did while the carousel was spinning. She captured the movement well by the type of strokes she uses. Instead of shading, she used more of line movements to create your drawings. The yellow one was the drawing where she only used pastel as the media and this was the one that took the longest to finish as well. 

Helen describes carousels as a way of life. She said that people live their lives on a carousel. She explained that people grow, they make mistakes, and the carousel keeps spinning. Life goes on. She thought of this to be a great inspiration to her work and a great way to express her ideas. In her journey she has realized that how much she actually enjoys carousels and for a while she tried to find the perfect one and found it when she was introduced to the Griffith Park carousel. 

Helen’s work was definately an interesting one. I loved how she has stuck with the same inspirations since she began to create art. I also love how she is able to use so many different medias in her work. 


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