WK.10- Instagram 

    This week we took art110 to another level and all as a class posted pictures on Instagram. While it was really weird to post four in one day, since I do usually post about only about twice a month, it really hard trying to figure out what I was going to post. With my last two posts I did not have anything else to add so they were actually pictures I took in the same week but not the same day. A lot of people posted random things that they encounter on a daily bases such as the gym, the food they eat, the friends they hang out with, their pets, and other things.  With us (as a class) having a few things in common, such as being adult college students, based on our pictures we are a community. I feel like we’re all in some way trapped between school, work, and responsibilities but at the same time we just want to lay back and enjoy our lives. 


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