Wk.11 Turning Pages


This week for our art experience it was literally more of an experience than the creation of art. As a class we went to our school library to do what was initially expected in a library. Before we spoke about this I realized that I had not noticed what has happened to our library. In elementary school and middle school we had what was actually a library: a place where books are stored, read, and checked out. When it came to high school, our library was referred to as “the media center”. There weren’t as many books, there were way more computers, it was often used as a meeting room, an art gallery, or a place that held events. Now in the CSULB library there is a Starbucks, there are hundreds of computers, there are several stories where students can study, but there are not nearly as many books. I feel as though as the years pass, the definition of a library is fading. I realized more of this when we went to our library to actually read. People were staring at us as if we were doing something wrong and at some point it felt as if we were about to get kicked out. I really believe that in a few more years libraries will have completely lost their meaning.


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