Awk.12- Classmate Conversation- Katherine Pantoja

 This week I met my classmate Katherine Pantoja. Katherine is a freshman undeclared major but is leaning towards creative writing. With creative writing, she wants to become a better writer and eventually write books. She was born and raised in South Gate, California. Her favorite subject is college so far has been sociology. On her free time she enjoys reading and watching movies. Although she listens to all kinds of music her favorite is alternative rock. One of her secret passions is doing hair and she has dyed hers too man times to count. Her favorite all time childhood movie is The Little Mermaid and she could watch it over and over again. Katherine has two dogs, a Terri mix and a Border Collie mix. In ten years from now she sees herself traveling. The place she has mostly wanted to visit is Europe because she really wants to be exposed to a different culture. Katherine chose to take Art 110 not only because it was a required GE course but she was curious about art in media.


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