Wk.12- Artist Conversation-Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen
Exhibition: Succession
Media: Digital Printmaking/ Painting
Gallery: Gatov West
Website: no website
Instagram: no instagram

This week I had a chance to meet Jennifer Chen. Jennifer is an undergrad Biology student who decided she wanted to pursue a degree in Master of Fine Arts. She likes to allow herself to grow in different ways and that is why she switched her major to something that allows her to work on different ideas. When creating art, she specializes in print and digital making. Her work explored disturbance in landscape.

Jennifer’s work looks very realistic while having a little abstract twist to it. Most of the colors are typically neutral then a pop of color is added. A thing I noticed that she likes to incorporate are trees but other than the trees her work contains a lot of lines. There also seems to be movement going on in her work.

As a former science major, I believe that Jennifer is trying to incorporate some sort of science into her work. In our previous conversation she mentioned that her work explores disturbance in landscapes. With science you learn about all these disturbances with earthquakes, global warming, weather changes, and other natural disasters.

Jennifer Chen’s work is pretty amazing and unique out of all digital prints I have seen so far. Her work is definitely something I would love to have hanged up on my wall. In my opinion she used her resources very well and did a great job in incorporating science as an art.




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