Wk.12-Art Experience-Location Based Gaming

This week I was able to learn about Geocatching. This activity was definitely an interesting one that I see myself doing outside of class when I don’t have any plans or if I’m bored and feel like going out. Geocatching reminded me a lot of a sort of scavenger hunt. Except unlike a scavenger hunt, with Geocatching you don’t know what you’re looking for. Once I downloaded the app I was surprised to see how many people used it. There was a ton of bubbles showing all the locations of where there were placed on a map near me. The first one I tried to find was on campus and the GPS was hard to read so a classmate and I decided we would try on our own off campus to see if it would be easier. The second one, which was closer to home, was even harder to find because there was a bridge and a park under it so it was hard to tell how to get to it. After trying to solve the riddle and being unsuccessful with it, we decided to to try one last time. The third time we came across a very simple area that basically gave where the box was away but after trying to find it I was not able to find the Geocatch. I learned that you won’t be able to find the catch always but the fun is going on little adventures trying to find them. I created my own little Geocatch by inserting random items I found on my desk. I later placed in in the small neighborhood park right next to my house!


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