Wk. 13- Art Care Package 

   This is my very first time ever sending ephemera to anyone. I’m the type of person that likes to go out a lot and visit new places. My art care package consisted souvenirs, pins, movie tickets, amusement park tickets, recipes to my favorite stores, a little bit of art, and other nooks and crannies. Sending a care package is much like sending a snapchat because just as you can send memories and moments with people through an app you can do so as well in a package. On the other hand, they are also different because on snapchat you can only send something that is happening in the moment and with a care package you could send memories of things that happened years ago. I personally think ephemera is precious because I am a memory holder myself. I have ticket stubs up to 5 years old and to me it’s as valuable as an expensive piece of jewlary. If my children were to get a hold of my ephemera they’d probably think I had a cool life because I feel like I need to keep experiencing new things since we are only given one life. Art sent through care packages differ to art seen in museums in a sense that care package art is pretty private and personal while museum art is meant to be seen and is public. I feel like receiving mail is always so heartwarming and had more meaning than receiving an online message or snapchat. I’m not sure how to exactly answer the last question but I would say that sending ephemera is more meaningful and requires more art then sending a snap. 


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