Wk.13- Artist Conversation- Nick Bamford 

Artist: Nick Bamford
Exhibition: no name
Media: Mixed Media
Gallery: Gatov East
Website: None
Instagram: @NickBam4d

This week I had the chance to meet Nick Bamford. Nick is s senior at CSULB currently in the undergrad BFA ceramics program. He chose to move forward with this program because all his life he has likes arts better than all other subjects. In hight school he took a ceramics class and later he decided that it was what he likes best. His ideas explore taking things out of their context and giving them a new meaning. For this particular exhibit he used blacklight in  his theme because e wanted to change things up a little. Nick’s all time favorite artist is Picasso.

In this particular exhibit, Nick’s art revolves around a black light. The black light gives it a dark yet colorful finish. The room just glows as one walks in and immediately I wanted to run to all the sculptures. Most of the sculptures have spiky tops rather than being rounded. It’s hard to tell if one is not up close but it is made up of objects one uses in an everyday life.

Nick spoke about wanting to take the initial purpose of an object and give it a new meaning. He does this by putting things one normally would not find in a sculpture such as a toy. I think he did a great job at making this a little personal by adding a bunch of objects that here important to him.

I know I said this about all the other exhibits but I think That Nick’S art caught my eye because this is nothing like what I have seen before. I have to admit at first I did not know what I was looking at because it was so random. Later I discovered that the objects used were of a sentimental value to Nick.




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