Artist conversation- Nancy Young

 Displaying IMG_2008.JPG5753ba3c-2464-4b96-a44a-f1bdb2a762c3.jpgcb90008c-d933-4e1a-be72-8a84be172ccf.jpg5e192064-66ae-43f0-b66d-91d70c9a54e4.jpg

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As the Crow Flies

Media: paper, ink, transparencies, litho stone, print making

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

Nancy Young is a senior in the BFA Printing program.For this particular exhibit she requested her own room so that she can have more room to display all of her work. The ideas and inspirations behind her work is dealing with personal issues. A big part is her dogs and the loss of her husband a few years ago. All of her work is also original meaning that even all of her pictures were taken  by herself because people tend to get inspiration from the internet and she doesn’t want her work to be similar to others. Nancy doesn’t plan on making a living with her art degree because she sees it simply as a hobby and already has a lifelong career that she enjoys.

Nancy’s work contains a lot of realistic looking crows. I’m not too sure in how printmaking is done but her crows are very realistic and detailed. A lot of her work looks very dark but you could tell they hold a lot of meaning. The colors she used are either very neutral or just black. She uses a lot of different print making media and you are able to tell upon viewing her work.

Nancy’s inspiration’s for this gallery were loss and grief. It was clear that she put a lot of emotion into her work. I thought it was pretty cool how she opened up to us and shared a little bit about her life and how art really helped her cope with certain things. I also really look up to her for going for something she loved not because it would benefit her but because she loved it so much.

Nancy’s art was something I really enjoyed. I love how she was so passionate about her work and how she really took the time to create sort of a little presentation explaining what kind of art she does and all the different ways one can go about with the media. She inspires me to go ahead and study something I am really passionate about just as she did with art though she did not think to make a career with it.



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